Adapted Puberty Education for Students with Disabilities

This puberty program, tailored to students with special needs, focuses on the physical and emotional changes that are a part of growing up. Male and female students are addressed separately with the puberty education specific to their gender. The program addresses personal care and hygiene skills related to puberty, such as menstruation, spontaneous erections and ejaculations. It teaches students to identify appropriate adults with whom they might discuss these issues, how to distinguish between appropriate public and private behavior and safe and unsafe touch.

RCC recommends this 60 minute program for students with special social, emotional and/or learning needs.

Please contact us if you are not sure if this program is appropriate for your students.

This program has been specifically designed in consultation with special needs educators to provide effective communication, visual cues and concrete materials to address the specific needs of these children. Each participant will take home a comprehensive booklet as a resource to be used with the guidance of a parent or trusted adult.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize physical and emotional changes
  • Demonstrate related personal care and hygiene skills
  • Determine appropriate adults with whom they might discuss changes
  • Develop awareness of appropriate public v. private behavior.
  • Understand what safe touch is and what unsafe touch is not.

Program Pricing (per class):

  • 0-5 students $100
  • 6-10 students $150
  • 11-20 students $200
  • 21-30 students $250

If your school qualifies for free or reduced programs, contact Barb Thayer, Operations Director: 630-325-1900 x235.

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Standards Alignment:
ISBE Health Standards: 23.A.2, 23.C.2a, 23.C.2b, 22.B.2
ISBE Science Standards: 12.A.2a
ISBE Social Emotional Learning Standards: 1A.2a
K-12 Science Framework: LS1.A, LS1.B
National Sexuality Education Standards:
AP.5.CC.1, AP.5.AI.1, PD.5.CC.1, PD.5.INF.1, PD.5.SM.1, PD.5.CC.2, PD.5.AI.2, PAD.5.CC.3
*Meets IL school code section 105ILC 110/3