About Us

The Robert Crown Center for Health Education motivates and educates children and youth to lead healthy, happy and safe lives. We envision a world in which all children and youth are equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to positively impact the health of their minds and bodies.

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RCC's FY2015 Quarter 3
Impact Report

Once primarily a destination, the Robert Crown Center has evolved into an important community resource. We've made a commitment to work with youth and the important adults who influence them. As families guide their children into adulthood, RCC educators are always there providing the most accurate, up-to-date information, educational opportunities and skill-based learning. We work side-by-side with parents, teachers and youth to support a healthy, happy, safe future.

RCC health educators undergo rigorous training and many have earned advanced degrees. Our staff is composed of physicians, nurses, teachers, curriculum and technology specialists who provide a safe learning environment where kids can ask any questions and get real answers from experts.

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